Welcome to Myrtle Street Studio, I started this studio in the winter of 2011 while living at 408 Myrtle Street in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a cozy 630 square foot pink brick house, and quite possibly the most cozy place I have ever lived. In that space I had freedom to explore a variety of creative endeavors and a corner was turned in my artistic life. 

Flash forward, I do not live in that cozy space any more. I now have a husband and 3 kids, but I still have a cozy studio space where the spirit of Myrtle Street lives on.  

We have two main parts of the studio these days, nicole laws | clothing and Curated Home, (a blog will be coming late spring early summer, so stay tuned). 

nicole laws | clothing

I have been creating my own clothing pieces for a few years now, and after much encouragement I am starting to make them available to others. I believe that clothing should be an expression of who you are that day, my pieces leave room for your own personal interpretation and styling.

Curated Home

Curated Home comes from my love of vintage and pre-loved pieces. I have decorated my home in these beautiful finds, and now I am combing the outer reaches for you! I curate things that I believe will bring joy to people. If there is something specific you are looking for, let me know on the contact page, I charge a small percentage of the final cost of the item and find your dream piece. I also can come to your home and help you restyle one (or more) rooms of your home. This can include just rearranging what you already own, or supplementing with my inventory. I also do custom murals, which can brighten and add your own personality to any space. 


Connect with me on Instagram, message me from our contact page. I am looking forward to working with you!

Leaf Mural